Scoot New Orleans

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Scoot New Orleans is a loose confederation of local Crecent City scooterists that originally gathered on the Internet in 2003 at this Yahoo Group.  Check there or the forum here for local rides, events, etc.

We typically meet most every Sunday noon at CC's Coffee House on Esplanade.  We usually grab a cuppa joe and talk scooter stuff for an hour or so then go for a ride in town or a long ride usually ending in a stop for a bite to eat.

Many regulars at CC's have a hand in the Big Easy Weekender scooter rally held in late March in New Orleans.  
 A few locals have formed the New Orleans Scooter Cooperative.  
New Orleans Scooter Co-op
The Co-op are scooter enthusiasts helping each other keep vintage scooters on the road. They pool resources, and knowledge to resurrect Italian scooters.

Natchez Trace
November, 3-6, 2015
laissez les bon temp rouler!
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